Gitaroo Man!

Gitaroo Man!

Gitaroo Man! by imanirine on Polyvore

“You’re never scared to walk through the fire, I wish I had your faith.”

"You're never scared to walk through the fire, I wish I had your faith."

“You’re never scared to walk through the fire, I wish I had your faith.” by imanirine on Polyvore

The Dynasty of The Ladies

The Dynasty of The Ladies

The Dynasty of The Ladies by imanirine on Polyvore

White And Gray Background





Paint splash brush

Paint splash brush

Paint splash brush

Paint splash brush

Paint drip brush




Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII


Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Xbox 360 Games

Strength Comes From The Heart

Strength Comes From The Heart

Strength Comes From The Heart by imanirine on Polyvore

Embrace Eternity!

Embrace Eternity!

Embrace Eternity! by imanirine on Polyvore

Lightning Returns Cosplay and San Diego Comic Con

This week has been a lot to handle and digest but the gist of it all is this: my friends want to go to the Comic Con in San Diego not Chicago to see the cast and crew from Game of Thrones. So I decided if I was to cosplay, I should try Lightning from the new Lightning Returns Final Fantasy later out this year. They were interested in the Masquerade where if we win we can come again next year and won’t have to pay $150 for a ticket! I think it might be worth a shot but we will have to get there by road trip and hotel discounts. This will be crazy!


This is my wallpaper for motivation and I will make the costume myself plus a costume for my friend who can be Lumina from the upcoming game as well. Man, if only there was some guys in my crew! Plus, I have been watching the storyline of Mass Effect on youtube and there is only one word to describe it: EPIC!


Also, there are changes to my list of cosplays this year: (question marks next to the events and cosplays that are still uncertain)

Lisa Hamilton (Supernova La Mariposa) – Chicago Comic Con

Aveline De Grandpre (Artistocrat Dress) – Chicago Comic Con?

Lightning (Default Outfit) – San Diego Comic Con?

Princess Yue (Blue Winter Dress) – Youmacon

Avarice from Blackeri Seven Deadly Sins – Youmacon

Oh and my current new PlayStation games has introduced me to new songs and I really like the ones from Need For Speed: Most Wanted soundtrack.

Rudimental ft. John Newman – Feel The Love


Nero – Won’t You Be There (It reminds of DmC and Lightning, kinda like her theme song.)

Ivy Valentine’s Snake Sword: Valentine

Ivy Valentine's Snake Sword: Valentine

Ivy Valentine’s Snake Sword: Valentine by imanirine on Polyvore

Union Jack Wallpaper
$220 –

Love Is Over!

Love Is Over!

Love Is Over! by imanirine featuring jack wills

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mog’s Outfits

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mog's Outfits

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mog’s Outfits by imanirine on Polyvore

Cloud shape

Light effect

Diamond shape


Heart shape

Mog (Final Fantasy XIII-2)


Babbling Fool of A Doctor

Babbling Fool of A Doctor

Babbling Fool of A Doctor by imanirine featuring cuff bracelets

Silk top
$110 –

John Lewis white blouse
$56 –

River Island brown legging
$32 –

Thigh boots

Vince Camuto chain jewelry

$13 –

ALDO gold jewelry

Silk glove

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