C2E2 2013 Photos

This post is a little late but I thought I might as well put it up anyway! I had a great once again!

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Lightning Returns Cosplay and San Diego Comic Con

This week has been a lot to handle and digest but the gist of it all is this: my friends want to go to the Comic Con in San Diego not Chicago to see the cast and crew from Game of Thrones. So I decided if I was to cosplay, I should try Lightning from the new Lightning Returns Final Fantasy later out this year. They were interested in the Masquerade where if we win we can come again next year and won’t have to pay $150 for a ticket! I think it might be worth a shot but we will have to get there by road trip and hotel discounts. This will be crazy!


This is my wallpaper for motivation and I will make the costume myself plus a costume for my friend who can be Lumina from the upcoming game as well. Man, if only there was some guys in my crew! Plus, I have been watching the storyline of Mass Effect on youtube and there is only one word to describe it: EPIC!


Also, there are changes to my list of cosplays this year: (question marks next to the events and cosplays that are still uncertain)

Lisa Hamilton (Supernova La Mariposa) – Chicago Comic Con

Aveline De Grandpre (Artistocrat Dress) – Chicago Comic Con?

Lightning (Default Outfit) – San Diego Comic Con?

Princess Yue (Blue Winter Dress) – Youmacon

Avarice from Blackeri Seven Deadly Sins – Youmacon

Oh and my current new PlayStation games has introduced me to new songs and I really like the ones from Need For Speed: Most Wanted soundtrack.

Rudimental ft. John Newman – Feel The Love


Nero – Won’t You Be There (It reminds of DmC and Lightning, kinda like her theme song.)

This is big, no…..epic

Not a lot of things have been happening for me. Exams, home for the holidays and now a new semester. But thank God 2013 is here. I can’t wait for upcoming conventions and me cosplaying!

Though, I’m going to take it to the next level.

When the idea to cosplay first came into mind back in 2012, the same time as now, I knew nothing. I had never been to any conventions, I haven’t participated in any Halloween costume tricking or parties because of my mother, but I had a lot of expectations for my naive and amateur self.

I have no practice, no prior knowledge on costume making and no one to personally show me the ropes but my first experience was still great and it was a good introduction to this new life.

But, I believe the new inspired me has found what truly makes me happy and my hobby of going to conventions and cosplaying will be an awesome tool and creative outlet to something I want to try: costume making!

Actually, cosplaying is not a job but there is commission work to do, like modeling, photographer and making and selling accessories, costumes and etc. I could start that. I already have great plans to get a sewing machine, make a personal dress form and alternate and make my own clothing since ordinary clothes seem to bore me.

That’s that. it’s settled then. My writing is a work in process too because I do write and my stories reflect my personality and how I look at life, in a sensual and spiritual way.

2013 Cosplays!

This is the current list for 2013 cosplays from the wishlist of people to dress up as: Subject to change

Aveline De Grandpre (Aristocrat Outfit) from AC3L – 0% = Comic Con [Friday]

Kat from Rush Gravity – 0%

Chocolina from Final Fantasy XIII-2 – 0% = Whenever/Wherever

Jihl Nabaat from FFXIII – 0% = Acen [Friday]

Gloria from DMC 4 – 0%

Doll Face from Twisted Metal (2012) – 0% = Comic Con [Saturday]

Avarice from Blackeri ‘Seven Deadly Sins – 0% = Youmacon [Saturday]

White Witch from Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the Witch – 0%  = Acen [Saturday]

Princess Yue from Avatar: The Last Airbender – 0% = Youmacon [Friday]

Oh yeah, Happy Holidays!

Aww….Free Candy Day is over?

Halloween might be over and as of tonight so is Youmacon but the cosplaying does not end here!

There are many photos I have to upload but rest is what I really need….and food.

Get It Shawty!

My cousin is wonderful and I had the pleasure of attending Comic Con 2012 in Chicago last April because of her ‘connections’ and we are best buddies. She went to the convention dressed as….I forget but – Oh! Googled and she went as Ling Xiaoyu! Yeah, she should in one past my pictures from before.

Anyway, I’ve only been interested in finding more costumes to cosplay as a Black woman but I would like to start adding men in the category (because cross-dressing is natural with cosplaying) and a new category for shorter/young characters too. Here’s my ideal list so far for the men I could cosplay:

Male Character – Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight) – I love him and it would be fun to just try.

Vampire Kinght

Shorter/Younger Character – Yuki Cross (Vampire Kinght)

Shorter/Younger Character – Ling XiaoYu {Tekken 5 or 6 outfit} (Tekken)

Male Character – Vergil (Devil May Cry)

Shorter/Younger Character – Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Shout out to my cousin Abeni!

No, I’m not the Easter Bunny!

It’s Halloween time and I thought of maybe using my cosplay outfit as a costume too. Well, I’m wearing two cosplay outfits so I’m planning on wearing the second outfit. I’m going as Fran to Youmacon this year and I will be there all three days, hopefully and wear her usual Armor garb and her Artwork Concept dress. It looks like this:

Fran Balthier Artwork

Well, that’s the top half, the rest is up to your imagination but I’ve seen some people wearing it as a dress, fitted and flared at the bottom. I wanted to go with fitted so I am. The wig finally came from China (such good quality) in exactly 21 days. Not bad. And, I made my own ears with the tutorial help from mihoyonagi on deviantart and it looks great! Just to finish the rest. A lot of sewing to do and more craft foam for the armor but it’s definitely coming all together!


Here’s a webcam picture of my wig and ears and hopefully later this week a photo-shoot of me as Fran for Halloween and the convention! Yay!

My wig and bunny ears

(Notice my Kingdom Hearts II poster in the back? Yup, I’m a Roxas lover, anyway time for a nap…)

Ada Wong Resident Evil

Ada Wong Resident Evil

Ada Wong Resident Evil by imanirine featuring zara shoes

Cosplay – Real Reenactments

There was a woman who dressed up like the Bilingual Japanese American artist Utada Hikaru in her japanese music video ‘Passion’, and I had an idea. I love the ever-wonderful Japanese artist Koda Kumi’s dress in ‘FREAKY’ and was thinking since I’m doing cosplay AND reenactments of real people, I could try to dress like the Korean African-American Japanese artist Crystal Kay. I like her and admire her because of her natural talent as a performer and her success in Japan including the fact she is of Korean and African-American descent. Power to her! She’s been in the business for years and is well-respected (her fans will tell you that) so I thought I give it a try to cosplay her in one of her outfits in one of her amazing visual music videos, though I can’t pick one….

I would like to retry Eartha Kitt as Catwoman and try Akasha from Queen of The Damned. Also, Uhura from Star Trek but I don’t know which version but it might just depend on if I have my Spock with me…

Eartha Kitt

Akasha Queen of The Damned

Uhura (2009)

I’ve been looking at her music videos and I have to pick ‘Koi Ni Ochitara’ because that is my favorite and I love the song and the video! Okay then!

Crystal Kay

Long Time No Post

I kinda forgot about my blog (which happens often, but that’s another story..) and just got back to it because of the crazy of doing things at the last minute. Anyway, my summer was hectic, my laptop broke, I didn’t watch all the animes I wanted to and went to my Grandma’s house whom has no wi-fi and could not watch Netflix on my PlayStation so this summer was pretty stagnant.

So now I’ve been in school for a month now and my laptop came in the mail and now I have a lot of school work and work, because I need money and I want to go to Youmacon here in Detriot so that’s the layout for me.

I’ve watched a couple of live dramas, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese though I only finished a few like: Rich Man, Poor Woman, My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox and I DO, I DO, all which I ADORE! And, I am trying to complete, Arang and the Magistrate, To The Beautiful You (Korean Version of Hana Kimi), and Office Girls which is Taiwanese. So yeah.

I am going to do Fran for cosplay and hopefully I actually do it this year and I am going to try two costumes: her armor (Regular) and her dress (Artwork) so look forward to it because I am serious and if I stay at working at my job, I will have the financial means to pay for it.

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