This is big, no…..epic

Not a lot of things have been happening for me. Exams, home for the holidays and now a new semester. But thank God 2013 is here. I can’t wait for upcoming conventions and me cosplaying!

Though, I’m going to take it to the next level.

When the idea to cosplay first came into mind back in 2012, the same time as now, I knew nothing. I had never been to any conventions, I haven’t participated in any Halloween costume tricking or parties because of my mother, but I had a lot of expectations for my naive and amateur self.

I have no practice, no prior knowledge on costume making and no one to personally show me the ropes but my first experience was still great and it was a good introduction to this new life.

But, I believe the new inspired me has found what truly makes me happy and my hobby of going to conventions and cosplaying will be an awesome tool and creative outlet to something I want to try: costume making!

Actually, cosplaying is not a job but there is commission work to do, like modeling, photographer and making and selling accessories, costumes and etc. I could start that. I already have great plans to get a sewing machine, make a personal dress form and alternate and make my own clothing since ordinary clothes seem to bore me.

That’s that. it’s settled then. My writing is a work in process too because I do write and my stories reflect my personality and how I look at life, in a sensual and spiritual way.


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