No, I’m not the Easter Bunny!

It’s Halloween time and I thought of maybe using my cosplay outfit as a costume too. Well, I’m wearing two cosplay outfits so I’m planning on wearing the second outfit. I’m going as Fran to Youmacon this year and I will be there all three days, hopefully and wear her usual Armor garb and her Artwork Concept dress. It looks like this:

Fran Balthier Artwork

Well, that’s the top half, the rest is up to your imagination but I’ve seen some people wearing it as a dress, fitted and flared at the bottom. I wanted to go with fitted so I am. The wig finally came from China (such good quality) in exactly 21 days. Not bad. And, I made my own ears with the tutorial help from mihoyonagi on deviantart and it looks great! Just to finish the rest. A lot of sewing to do and more craft foam for the armor but it’s definitely coming all together!

Here’s a webcam picture of my wig and ears and hopefully later this week a photo-shoot of me as Fran for Halloween and the convention! Yay!

My wig and bunny ears

(Notice my Kingdom Hearts II poster in the back? Yup, I’m a Roxas lover, anyway time for a nap…)

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