Cosplay – Real Reenactments

There was a woman who dressed up like the Bilingual Japanese American artist Utada Hikaru in her japanese music video ‘Passion’, and I had an idea. I love the ever-wonderful Japanese artist Koda Kumi’s dress in ‘FREAKY’ and was thinking since I’m doing cosplay AND reenactments of real people, I could try to dress like the Korean African-American Japanese artist Crystal Kay. I like her and admire her because of her natural talent as a performer and her success in Japan including the fact she is of Korean and African-American descent. Power to her! She’s been in the business for years and is well-respected (her fans will tell you that) so I thought I give it a try to cosplay her in one of her outfits in one of her amazing visual music videos, though I can’t pick one….

I would like to retry Eartha Kitt as Catwoman and try Akasha from Queen of The Damned. Also, Uhura from Star Trek but I don’t know which version but it might just depend on if I have my Spock with me…

Eartha Kitt

Akasha Queen of The Damned

Uhura (2009)

I’ve been looking at her music videos and I have to pick ‘Koi Ni Ochitara’ because that is my favorite and I love the song and the video! Okay then!

Crystal Kay


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