Long Time No Post

I kinda forgot about my blog (which happens often, but that’s another story..) and just got back to it because of the crazy of doing things at the last minute. Anyway, my summer was hectic, my laptop broke, I didn’t watch all the animes I wanted to and went to my Grandma’s house whom has no wi-fi and could not watch Netflix on my PlayStation so this summer was pretty stagnant.

So now I’ve been in school for a month now and my laptop came in the mail and now I have a lot of school work and work, because I need money and I want to go to Youmacon here in Detriot so that’s the layout for me.

I’ve watched a couple of live dramas, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese though I only finished a few like: Rich Man, Poor Woman, My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox and I DO, I DO, all which I ADORE! And, I am trying to complete, Arang and the Magistrate, To The Beautiful You (Korean Version of Hana Kimi), and Office Girls which is Taiwanese. So yeah.

I am going to do Fran for cosplay and hopefully I actually do it this year and I am going to try two costumes: her armor (Regular) and her dress (Artwork) so look forward to it because I am serious and if I stay at working at my job, I will have the financial means to pay for it.


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