Libba Bray Is Up To Something… Part 3

Okay, I have been looking for a guy of at least Middle Eastern heritage to play Kartik, I believe the most anticipated character to come alive for us many Gemma Doyle fans. I would like for my candidates to be young so they can fit in the role of teen areas and growing with the movie franchise when (hopely) they make more movies for the second and third book too. I have seen a lot of websites and tumblr pages with possible people like Micheal Steger and my ultra-sexy daydream boyfriend Steven Strait but I think young talent and already known fresh faces should take this roles.

Like Avan Jogia from Victorious who is actually part Indian and Irish descent.

I thought this is great and actually Kartik is obviously Indian but he says has claims no country as his home and he travels according to whatever the Rakshana commands so the actor does not to be British and have an accent which is pretty much important I  think.

Other actors could be:

Dev Patel

Also, I’ve changed my mind for the millionth time for Ann Bradshaw, I think Georgie Henley should play her but if I find someone who could sing a sweet tune then I might change it again.

Georgie Henley

Well known for her role as Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia movies


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