Libba Bray is Up to Something Part 2

Continuation of the story and characters, I’ve been looking or actually keeping update with IMDB’s page for the 2013 Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty. The forums are small by comparison but the loyalty shown is incomparable. One person posted who they thought should played who and I agree halfway with Simon Woods as Gemma’s brother and Rachel Weis as Cicre/Sarah Rees Toome. (I love Rachel, she is the real Evie if you know what I mean all you Mummy fans!)

Gemma Doyle – Sophie Turner

Pippa Cross – Anna Popplewell

Ann Bradshaw – Talulah Riley

Felicity Worthington – Evanna Lynch

P.S. I am very happy to see as a spouse for Gemma Doyle, Kartik’s name is thereon Wikipedia!

P.P.S. I think if there were to do a movie from The Prophecy of the Sister, Gemma Arterton and Felicity Jones should be the sisters.

I’m loving Maroon 5 -“Woman”.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cissi
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 08:29:52

    So they’ll make a movie and have these actors? 🙂


    • imanirine
      Aug 04, 2013 @ 23:34:40

      Not that I know of, it’s just my guess of good actors to represent Libba Bray characters. Nothing is certain and no new has been made about a movie either, you can check the Wikipedia page of the series and authors website but at the moment there is no news. Sorry for waiting to reply for so long!


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