Cosplay Part 1 – Final Fantasy Girls/Women

I was interested in going to an Expo ever since I heard of their existence in the montly magazine Shojo Beat , when they still subscribed them in the mail. Now that I am in college and more likely to do the things I have not done while I was in high school, I think this was a perfect time to go as planned.

My classmate in English is also interested in RPG’s, anime and manga so I lent her the magazine and she informed me of an upcoming Comic Con in my hometown of Chicago and I knew I just had to go. Go to to see more info!

I was always interested in cosplay but I wanted to dress up as the some of the dark skinned or black characters in video games, anime and sci-fi movies. Once you come to think of it, there are not many and some are not the main characters.

My favorite and current favorite is Fran from Final Fantasy XII and her overall aura and difference she brings in the games. She would be my first choice as cosplay.

Fran Final Fantasy XII

This outfit maybe hard to do and maybe a little scandalous because of the lack of covering but she has more than 50 years  and a few inches in height over everyone in the main cast so I don’t think she really cares so why should I.

I was thinking of two options: either buying the outfit from someone who will make it for me and get the shoe and wigs separately or make the outfit myself since I have at least four months to do it myself.

The first can give me more time on my studies because this is my freshmen year but majority of my paycheck will be towards this outfit. Also how will I get there and other expense on travelling downtown and getting back to school. Questions, questions, questions….

The second idea is not so bad, I could always go to retail, thrift stores and buy clothes that are cheaper and not much of value and destroy them to have my way with them and make the outfit myself. A few expense on spray paint, accessories and the sewing, tearing, and constructing of cloth and fabric would be my main mission. And I could always get any heat-tolerant white long wig and style it according to Fran’s look. But then again, how will travel to and from store with no car? I should just get a license now then never.

There is the 1)wig, 2)shoes,3) torso adornments,4) bottom adornments and 5) bow, nails and contacts! All can be achieved if believe, can drive and don’t waste time!

Other possible candidates could be:

 Calli from FFX-2.

Dona from FFX and FFX-2.

Stiria from the Shiva Sisters from FFXIII.

Towards other members of Final Fantasy series like the Viera that are more dark-skinned, many are not noted and then there is Sazh from FFXIII and Barret Wallace from FFVII the two Black characters. There is an issue with a temporary playable character in FFVI named Leo Cristophe who may be Black or White.

Tell me what you think!


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