Lifetime Wish

There was a poll on a website that I really liked to visit. It asked what do you want out of life the most? The answers were to be rich, be popular, find your soulmate, be healthy or you don’t know.

My answer after further consideration was to be healthy. I want no more so much than that.

I can care less about money. Money only makes me sick. How we as humans are so effected by the low significance because we need an excuse to not give our trust and an reason to gain respect as easily as walking a mile.

Being popular? Funny. People, over the ages have lost respect for others and those around them. I don’t want to associate myself with those who can do no better than me on my worse days. This isn’t about comparing, competition amongst ourselves is a game of pride really disguised as international games and local pet shows.

I… Finding my soulmate. Not for me. I don’t believe I was meant for it. I do believe in love but for me, no. I will go through the ages of my life but if falling in love is not necessary than I would like to avoid it.

I want to be healthy so bad. I sometimes feel like I should be moving all the time in my desk at school, sitting on sofa watching a movie, or asleep. I even move in my dream and fidget around.

Everyone comes up to me and comments on my sudden changes in appearances, my history and bad health records follow me and drag on me until I feel too tired to try at restoring myself again.

It hurts me so much when someone says I look sick or I might have a condition and should see a doctor. I really can’t take this no more. I’m ready to put an end to this separation between me and my body. I ready to let go and move on, my sanity depends on it…


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