Libba Bray is up to something… Part 1

Rachel Hurd- Wood

Possible Gemma Doyle

This is the one! She has to be the Gemma Doyle in the movie, ‘A Great and Terrible Beauty’. None other than Rachel Hurd-Wood that was born in Surrey, England the 17th of August 1990. Her vibrant green eyes and red hair makes her perfect for the role of the feisty, haunted main character to Libba Bray’s addictive series.

Let this not be a disappointment like the Twilight series… My heart won’t be able to take it again.

This is a still from the movie “Perfume: The Story of A Murder”.

I’m a little confused though. She’s more on the short side and her fansite says she has blue eyes. I swear they are green but, they’re so translucent that you can’t be sure. Whatever, put her on a box and give her green contacts if they are blue. That or call Lily Cole and make her wear the contacts.

Other possible candidates:

Talulah Riley

Emily Blunt

Felicity Jones

Bonnie Wright

What  do they have in common: they’re British!


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