The Begining of The End


The first week of the last month of the year. 2010 is coming to an end. Man, you just don’t know how fast time goes by until everyone around you yells happy new year.

Speaking of New Year, what will be my New Year’s Resolution? Things are easier said than done for me. Ideas never play out exactly in my mind as I would hope they would. I’m left standing there gawking at the surprises in front of me. Life, itself is a mystery…

As I look back at the year, I don’t know what to feel. Especially about how I’ve interacted with certain individuals. Concidences and collisions, is this an act of God or the Devil. How knows, both. Time to put an end ties and make anew, or at least that’s how I feel.

Living in the open and fearlessly, does this result to unwanted attention and dark attractions. Next year is college for me. What will happen to me then? How will I behave? I have no control over the future but I will like to have a pretty good hold of what happens to me.  

“Be as you are, and accept what comes.”


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